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Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City - Strategy Guide Tips and Tricks

After many years of happiness and prosperity on the western shores of Isola, the villagers had grown in numbers and were starting to feel very crowded. They resolved to do something about it. They had come to know 2 shores of the island. They had discovered many strange things...more questions than answers. They knew that along with finding a new space for the tribe, maybe partly they were also in search of these answers about this magical and mysterious island.

They built a raft and selected an appropriate group to set out. A small family with children and some trained builders. When they pushed off from the west shore the weather was fair and they were carried north along the edge of the island by a steady breeze. Suddenly the wind stopped completely. Floating there they noticed it was very still... strangely silent. All at once the sky darkened and a wind came out of nowhere! Their little boat seemed guided almost by an invisible force through smashing waves and they had to hang on for their lives! Just as the boat started to scrape against a shallow reef and they saw that they were at a new shore, the wind died off just as quickly as it had materialized. Confused but relieved they picked themselves out of the broken pieces of their raft and collected their senses. A new shore! But this was not an empty shore... they could already see wrecked huts, an enormous broken statue...buildings. It was... a secret city.

Let's embark on a new journey with a selected group of villagers in search of a new part of the island to populate. It will be a big adventure - not without danger - and they might need our help along the way.

This guide is to help you help your villagers. It will be divided into these sections

  1. General Quick Tips & Tricks
  2. The 2 Factions of Isola
  3. Tips for each of the 16 Puzzles
  4. Food and Survival Guide
  5. Detailed Walkthroughs and Spoilers for the 16 Puzzles
  6. Map Legend
  7. An Excerpt from Volume 2 of the Botany of Isola
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